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CDKeys offers a variety of Unknown Cash options to unlock the complete PUBG mobile experience. With UC, you can purchase the Royal pass, exclusive weapon skins, outfit sets, crates, parachutes, and other in-game items. The best way to show off your personality and status on the battlefield is with UC!
Check out all of the UC deals for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile below.

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10 Item(s)

  1. PUBG Mobile 8100 UC -16%

    PUBG Mobile 8100 UC

    Special Price $91.49 RRP $109.59
  2. PUBG Mobile 3850 UC -16%

    PUBG Mobile 3850 UC

    Special Price $45.99 RRP $54.79
  3. PUBG Mobile 1800 UC -20%

    PUBG Mobile 1800 UC

    Special Price $21.89 RRP $27.39
  4. PUBG Mobile 660 UC -23%

    PUBG Mobile 660 UC

    Special Price $9.39 RRP $12.29
  5. PUBG Mobile 325 UC -25%

    PUBG Mobile 325 UC

    Special Price $5.09 RRP $6.79
  6. PUBG Mobile 60 UC -28%

    PUBG Mobile 60 UC

    Special Price $0.99 RRP $1.39
  7. PUBG Mobile 16200 UC -15%

    PUBG Mobile 16200 UC

    Special Price $176.69 RRP $219.19
  8. PUBG Mobile 40500 UC -28%

    PUBG Mobile 40500 UC

    Special Price $438.39 RRP $616.49
  9. PUBG Mobile 24300 UC -18%

    PUBG Mobile 24300 UC

    Special Price $257.59 RRP $315.09
  10. PUBG Mobile 32400 UC -26%

    PUBG Mobile 32400 UC

    Special Price $350.69 RRP $479.49

10 Item(s)


Q. What are the system requirements for Unknown Cash (UC)?
A. The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds base game for iOS or Android is required.

Q. How do I redeem my Unknown Cash?
A. Click on the “ACTIVATION” tab via the product page for step by step instructions.

Q. Can I activate UC in my region?
A. Most Unknown Cash can be activated worldwide. Check the “REGION” section on the product page to ensure that the key will work in your location.