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Not as good as it's predecessor
If you're wanting mindless destruction and some fun gameplay then this game does have that. However, Just Cause 3 does it better.
The only notable difference the 4 has, is the inclusion of twisters, which are fun, but will become stale very quickly.
The graphics, map and actual gameplay in 3 are better, especially if you've got the jetpack dlc.

There's nothing actually wrong with this game but I think it doesn't hold up to Just Cause 3 and you're better of buying that game. If you determined to get this game then there is still plenty of fun to be had here.
Incredibly Fun Star Wars game
Feels like an ace combat game just with star wars fighter ships def worth checking out if you like flying
I see this game needed an honest review...
Ok let me start off by saying I'm 32. The gun feel is great and the effects there. This is supposed to be hyper realistic. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (old series) and a mix of Red Orchestra 2 chunk. slow paced and needs more modes. This is a beta, if I remember correctly so you are getting that day one beta feel. I'm hopeful about this game improving but not by much. I guess we will see. Fun little big for his diapers, FPS Door Busters (mobile) game had a baby it's a boy. just throwing this out there I will probably re-edit this later.
Work 100 %, thanks. Fast and easy. In less a minute get the code and boom, 365 days more. Thank you. Very happy with this purchase
i want the stock, please, i saw gameplay of this game it is so good, i want stock right now, i want to be entertained please
First of all this game is exciting. If you hear footsteps it's going to make your heart pump. When you see somebody it might be over in 1 second or you might take some shots to nonvital parts and actually survive. Assuming you have the right equipment to heal.

Second of all this game has plenty of maps and a lot of different equipment/loot to collect. Weapons have multiple parts and you can find parts from the raids. There are big forest maps as well as smaller in door maps. Loot can be used to upgrade your own basement to gain certain bonuses. Vendors offer missions and in exchange you get access to better loot/discounts.

Did all that sound good? Well let me put some negative sides as well.

Those moments of actual gunplay and assaulting might be over very fast. It's realistic. But it's not so fun when other online players have horrific ping and you end up seeing something else than the one attacking you. And it's not so fun when enemy AI boss just shoots you right in the head from far away.

There is plenty of maps. However there is no actual map system in the game. You need to know exit points to actually complete the raid and you can be spawned anywhere around the map. So in order to play some new map, you need to find map from the internet, keep it open next to the game and try to find the correct exit. Additionally there are stashes that contain better loot and those stashes are hidden in the map. Very annoying and I ended up playing only 1-2 maps because there is so much to memorise.

Lots of loot and gunparts. Sounds cool until you realise there is so much gunparts that are very specific and fit only certain parts and guns. Good luck trying to actually build a gun with a lot of different parts. Atleast you can save the blueprints so that you don't have to build the gun again after dying in the next raid. Also memorise all the bullets as some are just useless and other are powerful/very valuable in the market.

Black market. You could think that golden horses, jewelry and guns would be the most valuable items in the game. But no: most valuable items are often some bullets, scopes and random stuff that make absolutely no sense. So even this aspect needs researching so that you actually pick up something valuable.
Exactly what it says on the tin but at a slightly cheaper price
Worked exactly as intended and was very secure with handling payment details and the actual code itself, would recommend
Key is working
Lowest price I found after I checked several websites. After I completed the order, the key was already delivered.
Good game but why so much more expensive than on steam?
This game is only R219 on steam, which is about $13 but it's so expensive on CDkeys. Just buy it on steam if you can.
Pretty Good
Pretty good game and the fact that you can play the whole thing co-op is really nice, would be nice if there were more levels though.
great game for steam deck
the visuals and gameplay are really good especially on the steam deck if you are fortunate enough to pick one up
rage 2 is awesome
I played the first rage and thought it was good but this games plays even better and plays really good on the steam deck if you get the chance to pick one up