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Spot on as always.
Received immediately. Great price. Never had any issues. I would highly recommend. Best place to buy anything digital.
Brilliant Expansion Pack
I really love this expansion pack. I think it’s amazing that EA have made a beach world. It’s very beautiful and I love how your sims can swim in the sea, sunbathe, and make sandcastles. I personally don’t use it a lot to live in because your sims do automatically swim in the sea too much, however when using it as a destination world it is brilliant. The mermaids are fun at first but they do get boring after a while. However, I totally recommend this pack for simmers that want a change of scenery for their sims or unlock new gameplay as mentioned above. Totally worth the money and the key is delivered in seconds.
G reat and chilled out game that challenges your creative, logistical and economical skill. A bit like minecraft except your in space and theres no cubes
Good Game But Modders Suck
The game itself is pretty good. Though the initial grind is a struggle and modders run rampant the story mode of the game is pretty good and online is pretty good.
Best of FromSoft To Date
I've never been a real fan of the Dark/Demon Soul games on the preface that I could never really "git gud". I felt trapped whenever I couldn't beat a boss and dying over and over with a tedious track back to the boss only to die before even returning was a huge turn off. Elden Ring has turned my opinion around a clear 180; the game does everything so much better for players like me than FromSoftware's previous games. If you feel like you're slamming your head against a wall against any certain boss, just leave, explore and level up and then try again. You are never stuck in this game, not truly, and its the open-world we find ourselves in that truly solves this problem. It's still difficult, don't think it isn't, but its a more accessible soulslike than any other, and I am so happy I gave it a go.
Blast from the past
I finally found this game I played it when I was kid and could never remember the name. I enjoy just as much now as I did back then.
The GOAT God
Pog Game

Much God
Such Wow

A must play game before Ragnarok comes out. So what you waiting for?

Good quality game!
Worth the price here and it isn't a bad game. Although improved optimization for controllers would've been better as I rely on my Xbox controller for some games.
Fire game fr fr, sick graphics and that, sick story, 7 hours a lil short for me but still fire, RIP Johnno
Good Bargain!
Nice deal and cheap for what it is. Happy I bought two for now so don't have to worry about the monthly subs.
good game
Great Bundle
Great games that I remember playing when I was younger, includes a lot of DLCs. Played the games for hours 10/10