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Hit the gas and get ready to tackle unpredictable, dynamic weather conditions in a competition which is unique in its genre. From sun to heavy rain, every change will decisively influence the rider’s visibility and the highly-deformable ground, putting even the most expert player to the test. And it is the ground which provides the greatest challenge: mud, dust and dynamic deformations will be the master of all, while the sounds of engines running at full throttle, souped up with a brand new engine, merge with the ambient noise of chainsaws.

MXGP3 will offer you a dynamic, ever-more enjoyable gaming experience thanks to a series of innovative graphics and techniques introduced by the new Unreal®Engine 4 graphics engine which will take the game experience to a surprising new level.

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Release Date: 30th May 2017
Platform: Steam
Region: Worldwide
Language: English

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more atmospheric than before, and lots more contentReview by Timo
The introduction of weather effects has added a significant boost to the atmosphere of the game, as you get similar weather effects to what you had in their MotoGP and SBK games; rain, cloudy, clear etc. Visually the looks really good as well, there's a greater sense of depth in the colour of the game.

In terms of content you get even more stuff than in previous MXGP games; tracks, bikes, customization options, and championships. There's more of everything. So if you are a single-player gamer like myself there's great value in this package.

The gameplay physics is not as tricky to learn as in the previous two MXGP games, it feels easier somehow. However this is offset by having, in my opinion, stronger and better AI.

Technically the game has worked really well for me, although others on Steam have had a few issues, which you should probably read up on before buying the game. Personally though, I've not had any noticeable issues after 10 hours worth of gameplay.

(Posted on 05/06/2017)

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