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20 van 8600 games geladen

20 van 8600 games geladen

Get your game on with CDKeys.com and save a bomb on the PC games you love. The fact that you're already on this page is proof enough that you're not only a clever cookie, but you know how to hunt down a bargain. Don’t just save on games, get cheap PC DLCs, in-game currencies, and more with your new go-to site for anything gaming.

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What are PC Keys?

Rather than buying a physical game disc, many gamers are switching to digital game keys, or CD Keys. CDKeys.com is the biggest online seller of PC Game Keys. A CD Key is a serial number you can enter into a platform to activate, or unlock, a PC game.

How to use PC Keys?

After successfully completing your order, you will receive a game key by email that you can activate on a PC gaming platform such as Steam, Battlenet, Origin, Rockstar, etc... Once you enter the key, your game will begin to download and you can start playing once it’s installed. It’s that simple.

Are the PC Keys Region Locked?

Yes, PC keys are region locked. When purchasing some of our PC Keys ensure you pick the correct region and currency as they can be region locked.

When you add a product to your basket you will receive a pop-up alerting you if you’re buying a product that can’t be redeemed in your region. Also, the product listing will clearly state whether or not the product can be redeemed in your region. If you’re unsure just drop us a message and we’d be happy to help!

How come you guys sell PC keys so cheap?

This is something we have been doing for many, many, years. We have long-standing relationships with our partners which enables us to buy PC keys for Steam, Origin and uPlay in bulk. Buying in bulk means we can negotiate better prices, and we then pass on the savings to customers like you!

Is it safe to buy PC keys from CDKeys?

We’re trusted and reliable, we have a reputation for providing thousands of gamers from all around the globe with the most affordable gaming experience. We have more than 1 million followers on our social media accounts, we have +88,000 5-star reviews on TrustPilot, and our partners include PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

What should I do if the code doesn’t work?

It’s not very often that this happens. But do not fear, we can help! If the code doesn’t work then please get in touch with our customer care team. Provide your order ID and we’ll help you.

What else do you guys sell?

Why not have a look at our dedicated PC games page or PC time cards and DLC? Do you also love playing on a console? We also have great offers on games for Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo!