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this is an amazing game with cool graphics and really fun gameplay. even better now that rollback is introduced
very slay it werkd instantly boots down house charli xcx
i like switch online because i have no other choice :D
A lot better
Found the game highly enjoyable, didn't encounter many bugs, which wasn't what I was expecting based off of wat I had heard.
Truly amazing
Fantastic jaw dropping game play amazing characters can play for hours.recently got fed up of playing xbox but now me and my gf have reason to jumo back on 10000% would recommend.
Bought this game for my son who wanted to use his birthday money. The game was £32.99 from Microsoft store and £12.99 from CDK. It is the first time I have used CDK and wasn't sure about it, but it was honestly so easy and fast. The code is emailed to you within minutes and it made it even easier being able to use PayPal. My son is happy he saved money and I will be looking at getting my games from here too.
Everything is in order and the key works.
I ordered 4 codes from 10$ for PSN USA Region and they all worked.
WWE 2k22
Great game, fun to play, they FINALLY brought back GM mode on this, the career mode is fun and the online gameplay, such a step up from 2k20, all they need to do is bring back Create a story & more in depth creation for the entrances again, besides that, it's a brilliant game.
Got badly obsessed
Seriously this game rocks, took a bit of adjusting because I was expecting more of a Bethesda style game but Rockstars style always is great once you get in to it. Holy crap though for real, I logged over 100 hours in the first 3 weeks.. I have no idea where I found that time, I work full time. I wish I could play it again for the first time.
Fast, Good, Can be trusted!
Bad game, good book
Bad game mechanics lead to immediate uninstall after a "haha you're dead from reading a book :)" and losing tons of progress. If you like the pick your story thing then play this. If you hate to have your gameplay progress undone at any random time then do not play this. Btw if you just dont press anything at the point above apparently you wake up and continue the game, but i spent a great deal of time with a good deal of character building and immersion and reading to be totally wiped out and need to be spammed through again because of a "haha you fainted from reading and died" and was offered a button to press that wiped out my progress. It's probably a very very fun book though, once you get past the other parts. I was too betrayed to go on to comment on the story quality
Kinda epic
It was cool and epic that I just got the code it's just slightly epic and it's legit and that epic games fortnite
It hits roughly the same
Overall, the gameplay has improved but definitely holds some familiar short comings. I'm glad to see the franchise has begun to improve itself.