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Great overall experience
Fantastic looter shooter, but it does have some issues. Great fun, lots of variety, plenty to do. Try find an active clan so you have people to progress with.Thanks again CDKeys for the easy transaction.
Exactly as described
Coins came exactly as described -- the code was legit, worked, and was available instantly. Will definitely grab another key in the future if needed.
The mods
The game on its own, it was a 7/10 experience, but now with the years passed by and tons of mods out, its deffinityly a 9/10 experience
Elden ring is pog
No Maiden's.....hmmmmm
I really like how the open world is and how much you can explore, the enemies are challenging and rage inducing but overall good
Worth the spare change to play
I love fallout - anything fallout but fallout 4 imo is the best of the lot. It has everything, including bugs. Huge radroaches just waiting to creep up on you. If you can laugh at those then i'm pretty sure you will enjoy it.
Best thing since sliced bread
What can be said that others haven't already? Massive value for money and such a great thing to have for any game lover.
Really good game
A really good difficult game and is very addictive to play. I would recommend this game if you like space and games
Quick and flawless
Purchasing and redeeming was very quick and flawless - No long wait times to receive your code.

Great game too.
Pretty Good
I Really like the game, I think it's as good as other Civilisation games in the series. I would definitely recommend it if you like other civilisation games.
Bought the key based on good reviews, followed the given instructions to activate it and got a Duplicate key notification. I filed a ticket to get support or a new key or to fix it in any way and I still wait since 17th. No one put in effort to assist me or anything. Red Flag! So... can I have my money back? Can you provide the product I paid for?
The Quarry
This game so good Awesome storyline
if you liked Beyond two souls and Detroit And Until dawn you should buy it
Great buy!
Instantly received code. Very good price, sooo much cheaper and you gain points with each purchase.