Q. When will I receive the code if I pre-order?

A. You will receive the code on the day of the product’s official release, not immediately on purchase. You will receive an email notification once we have sent you the product key.

Q. What time will I receive the code if I pre-order?

A. We always aim to send the codes out during the day of the official release, keep in mind any time zone differences.

Q. Pre-order bonus content?

A. Any pre-order bonus or additional content is only included if this is mentioned in the product description on our website.

Q.Can I get a refund on a pre-order?

A. A refund request for a preorder can be placed before and after the release of the game. Please refer to our terms and conditions for full details.

Q. What if the price changes, how does that affect my pre-order?

A. When you make a pre-order we process your payment for the amount of the game at that time. You will not be charged any more or any less, regardless of any potential price change in the future.

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