Call of Duty: Black Ops II 2 (PC)

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Relive the close quarters chaos of this classic fan-favorite map reimagined in a visionary depiction of the “Model Home of the Future”. Pushing the boundaries of what fans have come to expect from the record-setting entertainment franchise Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 propels players into a near future 21st Century Cold War where technology and weapons have converged to create a new generation of warfare. Combining incredible high-dynamic range graphics and sensational new gameplay Black Ops II sets you off on secret operations as Frank Woods – the protagonist from the original Black Ops game. The non-linear storyline will see you battling during a futuristic Cold War as well as tackling flashbacks from historical missions and playing as various members of the Mason family. Every decision you make during this story will affect future consequences giving you a different experience every time you play. With new futuristic weapons the chance to master a number of different vehicles and modes of transport and a mysterious villain - known simply as Raul Menendez - Black Ops II is set to be the ultimate Call of Duty game.

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Platform: Steam
Region: Worldwide
Language: English

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GreatReview by owen
very quick and worked right away (Posted on 12/11/2017)
Excellent!Review by ghost rider
really good (Posted on 23/10/2017)
AmazingReview by rw
Great discounted price for a great game. I really thought it was a scam or something , but worked just fine. will definitely come back in the future for sure. (Posted on 14/10/2017)
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Its so offical! Also quick, cheap, and easy! The prices on steam is too much for me! Thank you! (Posted on 13/10/2017)
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Legit gives you the steam key with everything I am having a lot of fun thanks. (Posted on 08/10/2017)
Great place to buy gamesReview by Kobe
I bought this for my son since he wanted it for awhile. I found this website and thought it was fake for the price. I search up on YouTube and found this website was very trusted, so I bought it. Instant code. All you need is a phone number so they can verify that you are real. THANK YOU (Posted on 18/09/2017)
This COD BO2 Key Actually Works.Review by JensonPhanTheMentalMan
The key they give to you is real and isn't phony and bogus. I payed through Paypal and it worked. You need a real phone number to get the Steam Code though which I did have. Once you verify your phone number you get the code right away in a picture and not a text. 5 stars for quick, fast, simple, and legit code that works. (Posted on 30/08/2017)
This COD BO2 Key Actually Works.Review by JensonPhanTheMentalMan
The key they give to you is real and isn't phony and bogus. I payed through Paypal and it worked. You need a real phone number to get the Steam Code though which I did have. Once you verify your phone number you get the code right away in a picture and not a text. 5 stars for quick, fast, simple, and legit code that works. (Posted on 30/08/2017)
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It works perfectly! (Posted on 28/08/2017)
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this is acctually legit man i thought it was fake but omfg it acctually was real (Posted on 30/07/2017)
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Fast service and legit keys, so don't be afraid to buy. (Posted on 26/07/2017)
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Five star 5 sec and i got the key (Posted on 08/07/2017)
good positive review of this productReview by bo2 review
to be completely honest I thought this was a scam and was risking it buying this but it worked completely fine and I have my game in my steam library it is a life saver not having to buy this game at full price on steam so to this company or website thank you for helping out people who don't have that much money (Posted on 04/07/2017)
Great service everytimeReview by Sgt. Smash
As always this site never lets me down, great prices, instant delivery of codes, i have brought many games from this site and will do again (Posted on 21/06/2017)
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Very good and fast delivery cd key (Posted on 03/05/2017)
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After purchasing the prodcut the email came as soon as the card was verified and then all you have to do is click a link in the email and then you have to type your number in for a text message code which came after 2-3 seconds and then it gives you the code and how to redeem it! (Posted on 29/04/2017)
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I like that they give you the game straight away and that the price is lower than on steam (Posted on 29/01/2017)
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very fast and worthit (Posted on 22/01/2017)
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Beat site ever. 5th game purchase no issues.. (Posted on 26/11/2016)
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Just bought this game from this website and it was a 1 second delivery redeemed the code instantly and got my Black ops II cheap instead of buying it on steam for 60 Euro's, Very satisfied in all honesty trustworthy and very efficient website to buy cheap games. (Posted on 13/11/2016)
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very good. didn't trust it at first but then I saw ads on some youtube videos I saw. will definitely be using again (Posted on 30/10/2016)
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I thought this was a scam but it wasn't, works perfectly ;) Buying more from this website (Posted on 12/10/2016)
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Love this site! This is now my 3rd purchase with CDKeys and i have had no issues whatsoever with any purchase! Great purchase at a cheap price. Thanks :) (Posted on 14/12/2015)
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The game is great but what I was most impressed with is this website, the game was $15 instead of $60 on steam, and I got the code almost instantly. (Posted on 10/11/2015)
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Very good site, paid and got the code in seconds!!!
i will keep using this one (Posted on 28/10/2015)
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I thought I would try this website after seeing the price compared to Steams Retail price and was not let down, I had no problem receiving my key and activated just fine on steam.

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When?Review by Sada567
I have this game on Xbox 360 but have made the move to PC and want to get it again when will it be back in stock
(Posted on 22/07/2014)
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Amazingly fast felt a bit unsure at first but is a relly good investment! (Posted on 07/07/2014)
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I was a bit skeptical at first but now Im happy with the result, I had a bit of trouble the customer service team helped me resolved it, I would recommend this website to anyone, this is cheap and affordable... Thank you guys so much. (Posted on 05/07/2014)
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I really thought this wad be a scam and all because i'm always cautious with stuff like this, but what do you know it worked and it was extremely fast.

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