Gift Card Notice

We love gift cards here at Sometimes though, gift cards can be used as a part of scams conducted online. Fraudsters will sometimes use or request gift cards as a way of carrying out their scams, so it's important to know how to protect yourself. We want you to remain safe online, so before purchasing a gift card from us, here are some easy ways to stay safe:The gift cards you buy from us should only be used for purchases or subscriptions on the corresponding store or platform.

• Gift cards should not be used in lieu of other forms of payment, i.e. to pay debts or invoices.

• Do not share any details from your gift card with anyone you do not know or trust.

• Do not share details about your gift card over the phone or email with strangers.

• Do not use gift cards to exchange for the promise of prize or lottery winners as this will always be a scam

If you ever feel uncomfortable about the reasons for buying a gift card, you should not buy it. Gift cards should be for you, or people you want to gift them to, to play games or access great services and subscriptions.

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