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  1. Medieval Dynasty PC -40%
    Medieval Dynasty PC
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  2. Fifa 22 Ultimate Edition PC (EN) -8%
    Fifa 22 Ultimate Edition PC (EN)
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    Hot Wheels Unleashed PC
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  4. Fifa 22 PC (EN) -21%
    Fifa 22 PC (EN)
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  5. Fifa 22 PC -20%
    Fifa 22 PC
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  6. Far Cry 6 PC (EU) -40%
    Far Cry 6 PC (EU)
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  1. Minecraft PC (Java Edition) -34%
    Minecraft PC (Java Edition)
    Special Price $21.09 RRP $32.39
  2. The Sims 4 - Standard Edition (PC) -82%
    The Sims 4 - Standard Edition PC/Mac
    Special Price $9.89 RRP $56.39
  3. Orcs Must Die! 3 PC -74%
    Orcs Must Die! 3 PC
    Special Price $8.49 RRP $33.49

Latest Reviews
Ark survival evolved
Great overall game, controls can be a bit confusing and annoying if you're not use to them. I recommend playing it if you like survival games.
The Quake Killer, but not living up to the name "Unreal"
Unreal is an amazing game, but it feels like a glorified tech demo that had gameplay slapped on as an afterthought. It was still a fun experience, but i'd love to see Epic Games revitalize the Unreal and Unreal Tournament series. It lives up to standards, but isn't future-proofed.
Absolutely Amazing.
This game was the perfect revitalization of the Wolfenstein series, and as the series slowly drifted astray, the developers at MachineGames did the unthinkable, created probably my favourite game in the Wolfenstein series. Thank you Bethesda and MachineGames, for making me realise how much i've always loved Wolfenstein.
Slay the Spire
Easy to get in to and just pick up and play whenever you feel like a game. No two runs feel the same excluding the dying to progress.
fun fun fun, gun
I like to buy my coins from here.
Most often it's cheeper here then in-game. :P
sometimes almost ½ the price.
Love it!
really good.
super cool
Another great Lego Game!
Love all the Lego titles and this no exception! Love the fact that on pc you can have a friend play via steam as consoles stopped online coop.
Awesome fun and the lego'd film scene always make me laugh!
I love it
super fun. that's what I waited for. simply life in Sims is the best. Can't wait to play new DLC .....
this game started as one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history only for it to end up asd the best comeback in gaming history. Amazing
works for me brother
really like this game , its like dishonored but more aimed at its fun mechanics and nice multiplayer. works for me brother
It will eat youe life
I've been playing football manager since CM2. Every year they add something to entice you to buy the newest one. This is the best yet, and, as always, it will eat your life.
I do overall like this game but it has a lot of cons, i look forward to see what the next game brings in content and quality control. This game has one of the worst ending arcs,Kinda ruined my favorable outlook on this game.

1.So far the voice acting has been nice outside of the mc.
2.Everyone fights everyone, instead of two different groups join up to fight you(sometimes).I know it's a basic thing but not enough games do this.
3.So far the music has been solid.
4.I like how i'm treated when i'm in a place i'm supposed to be in. Random:H-hey get out of here. Me*HISSES & RUNS* first time i've enjoyed being told to gtfo.
5.Overall enjoyable.
6.It's an alright zen game. Idk if they meant it to be that way but ya i like popping over to this when i need a break from another game that takes more effort, like doom eternal bought that recently and been switching between the two.

1.The f*cking intro.
2.Voice actors changing on the same character, example the mana priest nice deep voice but as soon as you ask him to trade it swaps to another va with a higher pitch voice.
3.No character customization, my guy at the very least let me have a beard or pick my hair style yes i know what he is but as time goes on let me grow my hair.

4.YOU CAN NOT loot weapons and armor off of people, What kind of inbred logic is this?This game was made in 2017 fallout 3 let you take everything off a corpse and if it had a higher rating it would of let us taken their under wear too and fo3 was released in 2008. How is this possible? why make such a dumb choice? what the players might kite a strong foe into a city to kill all the guards and then loot their stuff to sell? restricting my play style.

5.Not mod supported, was looking at nexus mods to fix #1 & #4 but too much of a hassle. More games need to be mod supported due to the simple fact it adds hours to your game, Just look at any beth game with mod support to any of their trash games that don't support it. night and day differences in players play time.

6.The game still has bugs, examples troll sitting in the water while me and the fire mage lit him up. another example would be the characters face getting in the way when looking at your inventory,broken animations just look at caja when she is a attacking anyone from range while on top of something.Just saw it gave me the 5 follower ach, i only have 4.

7.Broken a.i happens a lot, they just stand there watching me fight groups of foes.

8.Promotions are level locked, why? if i can easily beat any b*tch on ultra i shouldn't have to wait another 10 levels to get the promotion so i can get the top tier gear.

9.The game crashed.

10.Worthless skills example, Mining i maxed it out thinking oh this would be a good way to make money and stuff buuuut nope there are so little ore veins in this game it makes you wonder why they even have this skill and when you do find some it's not even worth it. figured i would pick the skill up to farm natural elex, just go with animal trophy.

11.Quest break by auto completing while not doing any part of the quest so you have to dig through your completed quest to figure out what you were supposed to do.

12.Friendly fire, so doing the war bit and the squad i was given i can't hurt cool but when we meet up with our allies friendly fire is turned on and i can't save them because i'm either burning the world or they die too fast with melee.(oh my bad the name character is meant to die and he is dead before the fight even starts because of f*cking reasons)

13.Speaking of the war bit(albs vs clerics) why the hell can't bring all of the followers i have to add to my squad? Ya cool just chill in camp all game.

14.The ending arc was all over the place with stupidity,1.Who taught ray to fly a super advanced jet? 2.If i'm agreeing to jerk you off, why are we fighting? 3.No build up what so ever for the final battle. 4.My character didn't see ray get in the jet but wished him luck, somehow knowing it was ray that was in it.