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Latest Reviews
Harsh but so fun
This game is not for the faint of hearts. No, you won't create an utopia. You'll have to get over your ethical code to ensure your city survives. But to still stand after the great storm, how satisfying it can be. The game is hard and you'll have to try and retry to get which laws are best to ensure survival.
Absolutely hilarious
This game doesn't have a profound gameplay. It's an hack'n'slash where you're nothing more than a swimming trashcan that eats EVERYTHING. But it is so hilariously brilliant. The narration is fun, the gameplay is simple and enjoyable and the satisfaction of customizing your shark is there. It's not hard to achieve an 100% gameplay in 8 hours.
At first I was skeptical asf not gonna lie because of course it’s a website and I never used it before…..but I’m definitely happy with the outcome. You have a customer for life unless PlayStation gets competitive with the prices for PS Plus
Very nice product price is great everything is smooth and it worked easily and very well I bought it multiple times
Great Game!
This game is one of the best LEGO games because the story is so good and you get to play every character you want to play and also it takes a lot of time to master and it's extremely nostalgic.
This game is extremely nostalgic for me and also I do recommend it for people that want to go back in time and play some of the lego games that they played when they were younger.
Not the best DLC
The DLC has one of the most unplayed killers in the entire game (The Twins) the killer is boring to play plus the killer has bad perks but the survivor has one good perk named Head On. This perk is extremely fun to use and it's worth getting the perk so its a 50/50 purchase. But it's still cheap to purchase from here then Steam so it's worth it I would say.
Good and fun DLC
It's worth buying the DLC cause you get a survivor and a killer + the killer is good and the survivor is decent and the killer is fun to play and also the DLC is so cheap here.
Great Survivor!
He has an amazing perk "Mettle Of Man" and it allows you to take hits for other survivors that are in danger. And combine this with Breakout, another great perk from Yui Kimura which allows you the person you're close by to wiggle out of the killers grasp faster.
Jump Force
this game was so fuzzy dont make something like this again bandai namco otherwise imma smack you up.
Add on
You get a free dragon pack as well as the season pass I didnt no that so am very happy with this thank u
Great game
It is a real experience to play this Game. All the features are so great, once you start a career, you can’t stop until you achieve all the goals.