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Latest Reviews
Great Game
Great game. Has a bunch of achievments you need to grind for to 100% this game. If you don't mind this I can definitely recommend it.
Good and long, but slow
I really loved this game, my friend almost couldnt play at times because of how slowly it would force your character to move in cinematic parts of the story. A lot of parts of the story are slow paced to build up suspense, but i liked it. It's worth it to screw around at camp and have character building moments. It requires patience i think to like this game. Online is good too some players are so good you'll think they are cheating.
Everything ok
Idk if the game is good, but I got my code immediately, so u can buy there safely. I was scared when it told me that my code needs to be activated specialy, but it was just normal code reedem)
Top up cards here are amazing, i save up so much money, and the deals are mind blowing, ever since I found cdkeys, I'm in love with it
Very Good
I'm a fan of the classics RE1, 2, 3 and Code Veronica. And never liked the RE7 (after playing the 7, I really liked) and Now trying the Village (same style as 7) and very good graphics and well optimized (if not using Ray Tracing)
Very Nice game for anytime.
Really like how casual this game is, and it's very good for any situation.
And the Purchase process on CDKeys is very fast and reliable.
Quick and Easy
Saved money. Got code instantly, just had to check emails. Got Pre-order bonus. Class. Dont know how good DlC is, its not out yet.
Worked Perfectly
I got the code real fast, right when I bought it, as I bought it for a friend and they confirmed it worked for them!
Party game that the world needed
Nowadays there isnt really a go to party game that people will flood to and actually playing time and time again, with this game i feel as if its something that is replayable and is something for all age groups. Its gimic is fun and unique with a modern day twist on older styled party games. Id recommend it to anyone with a friend group that is struggling to find common enjoyment. The laughs ive had with my friends time and time again after having a really long day is timeless, again cannot recommend it enough. The only reason im giving it a 75 though is because the updates seem to come out slowly and the game can get stale after a few hours of playing, even still its a timeless game for all platforms and cannot recommend it enough like i say :)
Have this game since release and the game are perfect love it
i will suggest this game to my friends
So far its a good game, has good graphics. Obviously its quite similar to other far cry's in concept, but its still quite nice to be set where it is after the two games in hope county.
Quite annoying, but good.
Very good game, better than the others. But did want it to be a little bit longer, also was quite difficult to work out how to do things, but overall, good game.