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assasin creed but youre yoda
honest site
my first purchase from cdkeys and i must say im very impressed. instant code delivery so i can download the game and play straight away. i was always skeptical but this site is proven 100% legit! Happy to buy again soon!
Wrong Code and never answered back
I bought this code for the series x and was only given the xbox one version. The customer support is terrible to get into contact with and they won't even give me my money or give me a new code. Dispute incoming!
Best Deal around
Good value and works fast. Had an issue by ordering an extra one but after emailing CD Keys, they resolved and refunded my PayPal in less than an hour. Great customer service and great product. Thanks again.
10/10 would suffer in cripperling depression again
After my 70 hour play through of the game and achieving all the endings, I would honestly say the remake lives up to the hype from the new polished combat to the divine ost you hear.
The endings you go through give you a different perspective of the story alongside the views of the other characters in your party, each of them are well written with genuine motives that make
you feel a deep connection with them and cheer them on. The only minors I would say for me would be the side quest and farming material but other than that i would say the game was blast, 10/10 would recommend crippling despair yet again.
Great game but...
It's a great game but it lacks depth, though i like that in a way because it's really friendly to inexperienced people with tycoon games. Also the campaign is like 3 hours max which is sad.
Great game
Love this game, great graphics, accurate to time set, all round great game but can lag sometimes but nether the least still a great shooter game
Instant working key
I am actually surprised by how fast and smooth the purchase was. I was not sure at first if the key will be delivered instantly, but I found this website to be only one doing this with this specific dlc.
TWQ Deluxe+30th anniversary+pre-order bonus, AT THE BEST PRICE, what else do you want?
Get that galla shooting boiz!
Playstation Store Card
The code was available after a few minutes form purchase. Code worked after confirming it. Great to add funds to wallet on PSN with a small discount here.
Soul sucker (In a good way)
This is one of the few games I can still throw ALL of my hours into.

CDKeys, Bringer of endless joy!
Night life is here!
The Cities: Skylines After Dark DLC makes your city light up at night.
Another great ad on for City: Skylines.
Enter the sunny future of housing and transportation
A great DLC for Cities: Skyline adding EV's (Electric Verhicles) sustainable housing and much more.