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Good game on the whole
Great game. Bit of a strange story. Some good visuals but becomes a but tedious at times. Becomes annoying when deliveries are repeat as soon as you complete them
Not as good as Destruction Derby
Bought this hoping for a game similar to the old Destruction Derby. Only a couple of the arenas are similar but a lot of the game is racing round a circuit. For a racing game I'd choose many many others. Was hoping for more tbh
Another intensively visual game
Amazing game. Lots of freedom. Lots of things to collect and/or do/discover. Seemingly endless worlds to visit. Haven't played for a while now but when I did, the coordinates system wasnt very good. If you discovered an area with good items to collect it was a bitch trying to find it again if you went home to empty your inventory. Aside from that though, it is an amazing game. Highly recommended
Amazing but difficult
What can I say that hasn't already been said? Amazing game. Glorious visuals and an immersive storyline. Difficult game until you get the knack for it but a must have in anyone's collection
Best of the best
To me the best story in a game ever I absolutely love it. Mass effect 1 feels really old but the story is there .
very fun but not a assassin creed game great open world good combat fun ship combat dlc could be better
The game sucks they need to start remaking the old Budokai games again.The game is designed to be like Tekken style but does not live up to that type of fighting style, you can play for 5 min and will be bored and want to play something different
It's just seige but better. Its what seige wishes it was.
Got my code instantly and at a great price will deffo make future prucahses here for sure! Just go check your recent puraches.
Skeptical at first but shocked at end
Wanted some Fortnite exclusive skins. popped up did some research and made an account checked out using PayPal and it was Instant no time wasting got the code and now have the skin good
Fricking day ;)
really good prices and is just really good i bought gta and its so much fun not had this much fun since xbox 360 times
Redeemed in less than 15 minute
Very Good
I bought the game for a super cheap price, and I got the key back super fast, it worked perfectly. I will be using CDKeys in the future. Order Number: #0131697959