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great game
very awesome game that has a gripping story from start to finish, a wide range of selectable characters and an overall fun time. i enjoy.
Very poggers
Assassins creed very good very epic i highly recommend it to everyone that wants to play through some assassins creed games
3 Months (+ 1 month extra) for the price of 2 months
I got a 3 month card and activated it immediately. It worked flawlessly and MS kindly gave me 1 extra month to keep the recurring payment on. So effectively received 4 months for the price of 2. Cant complain.
Mayhem and Lassos
Ya want to drag a man around a desert for 400m and then take his money then this is the game for you
The games is very realistic, it is such a competitive game which enables you to play more tactical.
UK 1 month, worked straight away. Code came through instantly.
Pros - cheap and quick service

Cons - none found
great game for any assassins creed fan! great combat and beautiful visuals. i highly recommend this
great sim game
really great game enjoyed chasing bad guys and dealing with car crashes driving around the city with lights and sirens flashing also enjoyed using the speed gun to catch people speeding
It was so fast and the most cheapest website i have found and one of the best websites really and i will buy from them again
Amazing Game and great service
Been a fan of CD Keys for a long time. Transaction went perfect as usual. Even got the preorder bonuses without preordering. So far having an absolute blast with this game. Visually it looks absolutely stunning. Have been a few texture glitches in my four hours of play but very minor and I'm sure they will be patched. Would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of Spider-Man.
good fun game greta chilhood memories great for young kids learning to play computer games very interactive and good challenges
Cool Concept
The concept of being set in the french revolution is very cool. It is totally immersive and it feels like you are stuck in this time period and feel the pain of the characters. however it can be quite glitchy and buggy which can sometimes take away from the overall experience.