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The defining city simulation is back! Create the city you desire and make the choices that shape your city and power the Sims within it. Every decision, big or small, has real consequences. Invest in heavy industry and your economy will soar—but at the expense of your Sims’ health as pollution spreads. Implement green technology and improve your Sims’ lives while risking higher taxes and unemployment. Team up with your friends to solve global challenges: launch a space shuttle, reduce carbon emissions, or build magnificent wonders. Compete on global and regional leaderboards to be the richest, the dirtiest, the happiest or the best place to visit!


  • Constructible Worlds —Creative and customizable world that offers unique gameplay benefits, all with a fun tactile interface.

  • Sims Matter—The Sims in your city speak to you directly and it’s up to you to respond to their needs. Will you listen and be the toast of the town? Or abuse your power for fame and fortune?

  • Specialize in What You Love—Mold your city as a casino resort, manufacturing hub, educational enclave, and more, and then watch as a unique look and feel spread throughout your city.

  • Multiplayer— Build a region with friends for the first time! Collaborate or compete in regional and global challenges and make decisions that impact the greater SimCity™ World.

  • GlassBox Engine—SimCity™ introduces GlassBox, the revolutionary simulation technology that gives you the power to impact individual Sims lives, manage city level simulation, and balance multiple city simulations at once.
Release Date: 8th March 2013
Platform: Origin
PEGI rating: 7
Region: Worldwide
Languages: Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

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Customer Reviews

Review by Paul
5 out of 5
Its a great game and really cheap here, cheapest i could find. Good job and great website, will be using this website again!

Review by lol
5 out of 5
it was epic

Review by Rocket--Jake
5 out of 5

Review by Skit
5 out of 5
All game websites need to follow in this websites steps!

Review by Vasalissa
5 out of 5
Was very very apprehensive as I didn't know these sites existed and I thought it was going to be a scam, it was not! It was quick I had my code within minutes! Definitely worth it

Review by M
5 out of 5
Cheap, easy & quick!

Review by Jack
5 out of 5
Was a little bit on edge buying from a company I have never head of/bought from before but I have been pleasantly surprised I got the code within 2 minutes and then It's now downloading now! I will be buying from this company again, 5/5! Thanks!

Review by V
5 out of 5
This website has some good prices. Was skeptical at first, thankfully Paypal made me feel a little secure in risking it. Got the key literally in seconds. Kudos to the sellers here!

Review by fibby
5 out of 5
I saw this Amazing price and Just took the chance

Review by Suddy61
1 out of 5
Everything worked well from here, when I try to install through Origin SWEET FA, 5 days no game what a waste of $50.00, don't do it, I feel ripped off. ooooooo 6 zero's rating. NO stars here but had to rate at least 1

Review by Tomasz
5 out of 5
Great and Easy donwload. Cheap Price...

Big + for these website :)

Review by Stormsys
5 out of 5
Like many others - i was skeptical, price to good to be true.

way i looked at it, if things went wrong then paypal would be there to help. luckily things went perfect, verified my phone number using a text and the key was delivered.

Happy with the purchase!

Review by Acelin
5 out of 5
Amazing! Paid for the game, followed the instructions and got my key in a matter of minutes. Downloaded and no problems!
Thanks CDKeys!

Review by George
5 out of 5
Waited until they fixed most of the issues with the game before buying and wasn't prepared to pay £40 from Origin. First time i've used, brilliant service, got my key within a matter of seconds.

Review by Sam
I was weary at first, but all the reviews were positive so I just went for it. The game is now downloading, and I'm extremely please. Please do not turn away from this offer!

Review by Teti
piece of cake. exactly

Review by Martin
It's working a treat. Seriously took me only few minutes to make it work.

Review by Josh
I've wanted to buy this game for ages, especially because of it's new features, but everywhere as been so expensive, except here. On EA's site this version is £45 still.

All I had to do was pay via PayPal, verify I brought the game via SMS, received the code, redeemed the game on Origin (EA's downloader) and then started downloading - so simple!

Review by Caroline
Having seen a few videos of Simcity on the web I have been raring to try this game out. Comparing prices, I found cdkeys was the cheapest place. I was a little wary at first but don't be, it is quick and easy to register and pay, then a intuitive confirmation method is used so your game is received easily! Excellent service, thank you!

Review by John
I was sceptical at first, buying a key off a site i'd never used before and the price was really good! I thought about it for a while and then just done it. I paid, and then got the key seconds later! downloaded and now playing it! Love this site, trusted for me!

Review by Haydn
I saw the amazing price, and worked!
You do have to receive a verification text though... :/
I was mildly doubtful it would work but it did!

Review by Fraser
Paid and took 2 minutes max to get the code, currently downloading game and cant wait to play, Thanks CDkeys!

Review by Matty
had all my finger and toes crossed as this was so much cheaper than everywhere else. saw it on a review site that Google was showing up and paid through Paypal just in case. was relieved when it took seconds for me to get the game and will always use this site. putting the review so others don't turn away from this deal

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